Zechstein Minerals BV is a collaboration between Nedmag Industries Mining & Manufacturing BV and R&H Minerals BV.

Zechstein Minerals has been established in 2006 to serve the cosmetic and medical markets with the naturally very pure magnesium chloride (Bischofite mineral) out of the Zechstein source. The Zechstein source of Nedmag is located nearby Veendam, Netherlands.

Zechstein Minerals aims to research and market the fields of application of the Bischofite mineral as widely as possible. Zechstein Minerals has contacts with several international (academic) institutes and centers of knowledge, and consults international literature to enlarge its fields of application.

Zechstein Minerals first task is to secure the highest quality magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Source according to the certified Zechstein Inside Batch protocol, which produces the topical grade.

Nedmag has granted worldwide exclusivity to Zechstein Minerals to market the source for the topical (skin related), cosmetic and medical applications, as declared in the statement of exclusivity. R&H Minerals has introduced her patented methods of application, such as the gel-formula. Link to the Nedmag website:

Zechstein Minerals has it’s production and storage facilities located in Veendam, Netherlands, from where she ensures the worldwide distribution of the different products.